Circadyn created RestAlert. RestAlert uses information from wearable technology to analyse your sleep. It provides personalised alerts and reports on fatigue impairment, sleep quality and actions to improve your sleep.

Sleep better. Live better.



RestAlert provides alerts to inform you if you are at risk of incidental fatigue impairment, cumulative fatigue impairment or very poor quality sleep. Alerts can be provided by SMS or email so they will always reach you when you need to see them.


RestAlert's reporting functions allow you to see what your sleep patterns have been like in the past. It can track when you've had good sleep and poor sleep to help you to determine if anything is interfering with your sleep. Reports can helpful to take to your doctor for treatment of sleep problems. 

What happens when you don't manage your sleep properly.


When you are fatigued your reaction time slows. In everyday situations like driving, not being able to respond quick enough to break in time to avoid an accident can be the difference between life and death. We are also not able to problem solve or analyse situations as effectively. If your are required to understand complex situations and to figure out solutions, not managing your sleep effectively stops you doing your job properly.

You become unhappy

When you don't get enough sleep you are less able to feel pleasure and happiness and are more likely to get angry and feel sad. If you don't get enough sleep you really don't enjoy your life as much. This isn't just a problem for us. It hurts the people around us as well. When we are angry and sad the people around us see it. Being overly tired can cause damage to the relationships with the most important people in our lives; our partners, our family, our friends and our colleagues. 

You become unhealthy

If you don't get enough sleep your body produces inappropriate amounts hormones and neurotransmitters including Leptin. These hormones not only make your body store more fat than it should, but they also make you feel hungrier and eat more which often leads to weight gain. If you don't manage your sleep effectively you may be unhappier, unsafer and more unhealthy than you would be if you used RestAlert to help you manage your sleep.

RestAlert lets you know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

RestAlert provides you alerts to let you know if you are at risk of incidental and cumulative fatigue impairment. It lets you know when you should stop undertaking high risk tasks including driving to ensure you reduce your likelihood of accidents, injuries and mistakes. It lets you know when you should turn your screens off and go to bed to ensure you function at your best tomorrow. 

What can using RestAlert do for your life?

Using RestAlert can help you to lose weight, feel happier and get healthier.  If you are getting enough high quality sleep your body will produce an appropriate amount of Leptin to ensure you don't put on extra sleep-debt related weight. It will help you to actually feel happier, less grumpy and less angry, which in turn helps people build better relationships.

What can using RestAlert do for your organisation?

By providing your employees a simple, easy to use solution to manage their sleep and reduce their fatigue you can create a safer, happier and healthier workplace. You can also ensure you have live real time access to reports and ensure you and your organisation are adhering to regulatory requirements for fatigue management and occupational health and safety.

RestAlert lets you know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

RestAlert can let employees know when they are at risk of fatigue impairment and what they need to do about it. RestAlert can also let you know if your workforce is fatigued, when they are most commonly fatigued and what type of fatigue they are experiencing. Once you are able to monitor fatigue in your organisation you are able to manage it more effectively but putting into place risk minimisation strategies to protect your employees and your organisation.

What happens when fatigue isn't managed in the workplace?


30% of all fatalities on Australian roads are due to fatigue

Medical accidents

Accidents and injuries in mine sites

Small mistakes





Fuel costs increase

Wear and tear costs increase


When accidents happen insurance costs increase.

Wearable technology. Personalised alerts. Data Dashboard.


Automatic updates from wearable devices

RestAlert analyses information taken from commercially available wearable technology like Fitbit and Misfits. Many of these devices automatically sync using bluetooth so you don't have to do anything but simply wear the device for RestAlert to be up to date and keeping you safe. 

Automatic RestAlert Analysis

It then analyses this information using our unique algorithms.  RestAlert algorithms are based on neuroscience principles and biological evidence which let us know when you are most likely to be at risk.

Automatic Personal Alerts

If RestAlert determines you are likely to be at risk of fatigue impairment it will send you an alert to let you know you are at risk. It will also send you an alert to let you know when you should stop undertaking high risk tasks, when need to you need to plan go to bed and how much more sleep you should aim for to reduce your fatigue impairment in future. RestAlert gives individual the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Individual Data Dashboard

An individual can log on to the RestAlert webapp to view their alert history, statistics and patterns regarding their sleep. These can all be easily downloaded and printed if you would like to take them to your doctor or health professional.

Organisatonal Dashboard

If an organization has subscribed to RestAlert the alert information will also be sent to the data dashboard. This will help the organisation monitor employee fatigue level. Monitoring employee fatigue levels will enable the orgnisation to best support their workers, to help their  employees to manage fatigue and keep themselves and their colleagues safe.



No information is sent to an organisation unless an individual is at risk of harm to self or others. RestAlert uses strict security protocols to protect your information and to keep your information private. RestAlert helps protect both employees and employers from the risk of fatigue impairment.

We can set the RestAlert system up in three ways:

1) Organisations can provide the RestAlert system for their employees to use as individuals without the organisation having any access to any information about the employees currently on the system at all. This is the equivalent of organisations providing individual access for all their staff.

2) Organisations can provide individual employees access to RestAlert and in return receive summary data to understand the overall fatigue levels within the organisation. No individual on the RestAlert system is personally identifiable on the system even if they are at risk, but the overall risk level is accessible to the organisation. 

3) An organisation is able to provide access to the RestAlert system for their employees and is provided the name of the individual if a fatigue risk alert has been sent to the individual. They are also able to access summary data regarding fatigue levels for the organisation. 

It is up to the organisation and individual to determine the most appropriate RestAlert option for their organisation, although Felicity is happy to talk to both the organisation and it's employees about the pros and cons of each option and how they work in greater detail. If an employee is concerned about how the data could be used feel free to give them Felicity's number. She is happy to talk through the system with them either in person (if they are WA based) or via phone or Skype if they are based elsewhere.


If you, an an individual or organisation, sign up to use the RestAlert System you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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